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Salt Therapy For Horses

Improving Respiratory Health
Lessens inflammation in the lungs
Thins out mucus build-up
Improves lung function
Opens breathing passages

Why Your Horse Needs Salt Therapy

Horses are very active animals. Whether racing, working, pulling a carriage or just out on an afternoon ride, horses love to be on the move. 

To perform at their very best, a horse has to be in top physical condition. The lungs, heart, and all parts of the respiratory system must be in top working order for a horse to feel good, and a horse that feels good will perform well. 

Dry salt therapy is a drug free way to increase the breathing capacity of your horse. It will help to improve the efficiency of the respiratory system, leading to an improved cardiovascular system, and better overall health.
Salt therapy has been shown to help improve horses with heaves, lower airway disease, recurrent airway obstruction, mud fever, immune issues, skin conditions, and other issues.

A horse that is not in peak physical condition due to an injury or age will also benefit from salt therapy. Any injury affecting the lungs can have an impact on their ability to clear their airways sufficiently. Older horses tend to have more lung problems as well, which can be relieved with salt therapy. 

A horse is much more than an investment. They can become companions, friends, sometimes almost a family member. You owe it to your horse to keep them healthy and happy.

How Our Salt Therapy Process Works

Whether you create a dedicated salt therapy area in a barn or trailer, or use a portable unit, it needs to be an area where the horse will be comfortable. Then, a dry salt aerosol is created by our halogenerator and breathed in by your horse. 

This aerosol works on the respiratory system, clearing out secretions and pollutants, and acting as an antibacterial substance. This has the effect of reducing inflammation, thinning mucus and improving lung function by opening the breathing passages. 

A secondary benefit of aerosol salt therapy is that the salt also settles onto the horses skin. Since dry salt is very absorbent, it gets down into the epidermis, where it can absorb oils, and reduce the occurrence of other irritating skin issues. 

Because salt has natural properties which will inhibit bacteria growth, salt therapy also helps to keep the pH level of the skin at a healthy level.
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